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a place in your heart is all i ever wanted [entries|friends|calendar]
Official Taken Community

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[31 Mar 2005|07:05pm]
i miss taken :(
hearts screaming

holy macaroni... [18 Jan 2005|04:08am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

geez, this group is more dead then taken. OOOHH!!! *slaps knee*

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wow [28 Nov 2004|08:38pm]

i finally found a Taken community. all I've heard is Arrested Impulse, but i love it to DEATH. where can i check out more?
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[23 Oct 2004|01:16am]
hopefully you all know by now, but ray is fronting the band mikoto. www.mikotomusic.com check it out.

also, i write for a webzine called pastepunk and there is a new interview with ray, find it here: http://pastepunk.com/viewfeature.php?id=128

i also reviewed Between Two Unseens read that here: http://pastepunk.com/viewcdreview.php?id=1286
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[25 Jul 2004|02:56pm]

does anyone want to post the lyrics for the new ep?

- chris.

p.s im new. ive seen taken like 3298472309487 times. and ray is the nicest kid ever. and i have juans tour pass for when he played in 18v.
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dude [20 Jun 2004|08:50pm]

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[11 Jun 2004|12:11am]

I'm sure most of you know this by now, but here are Taken's final shows

June 26th, Showcase Theatre
A Fall Farewell (minus me, i'll be in colorado, plus eric)
Radiation 4
Bleeding Kansas

June 27th, Chain Reaction
Taken (last show ever)
A Fall Farewell (plus me, if my plane lands on time)
Radiation 4
Bleeding Kansas

If you want to hear some new jams, head on over to www.taken-music.com for the new e-card. word.
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[11 May 2004|11:04am]

We Love Taken and one thing I would love is for anyone who likes Taken to hear us. Our name is Just A Summer Romance and please give us a chnce. if you like taken you might like us.
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[04 Apr 2004|05:04pm]

I don't think the wallpapers that I posted last time worked very well, so if you wanted to see them, I updated the fansite with all of them. Just go to the downloads section and then to wallpapers.

hearts screaming

[22 Mar 2004|03:16pm]

Well. Daniel posted Tyler's wallpaper, but I made a few too...so if you click here, there are a few links on that page to the other wallpapers. Like I said on there, I have the 800x600s if you can't resize them yourselves. Just E-mail me at afallfareric@hotmail.com
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